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Solofill Reusable K-Cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to throwing away K-Cups. Save money while reducing your environmental impact! Easy to use, simple 2 step process. Innovative Octaflo Plus hot water distribution system for a superior tasting cup of gourmet coffee. Easy clean up, unique one piece design with integrated hinged lid and stainless steel micro mesh filter for easy clean-up.

Over 1.6 Billion K-Cups were consumed in 2009, more than enough to circle the earth. Increasing to 3 Billion in 2010 and 5 Billion by 2011. Most eventually ended up in our landfills. The K-Cup is nonbiodegradable, and the plastic is made of non-recyclable material.

The Solofill is not compatible with Keurig Models B150 and B155
Solofill Refillable K-Cup | Environmentally Friendly Green K-Cups
Item Code:SSF22
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Todays Price: $13.99 , You Save: 13%

Perfect Pod EZ-Cup allows you to to use any coffee or tea in your Keurig Coffee Machine.  Simply insert the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Filter papers (sold separately) and fill with your favorite coffee or loose leaf tea.  Easy clean up. Stronger tasting coffee or tea.  Try the Perfect Pod if you have ever had trouble with the My K-Cup re-usable filter.
EZ Cup | Reusable K Cup | Make your own K-Cups
Item Code:SPP22
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Price: $13.99 Per box
Cleaning brush tool for use with the My Kap. Use this brush to remove any unwanted grounds from your used K-Cup before filling with new grounds and attaching My Kap. This brush can also be used as a removal tool.

Does not include My Kap or K Cup
My Kap Cleaning Brush/Removal Tool in one
Item Code:SMK23
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Price: $1.99 Per Each
My Kap is a revolutionary way to reuse your K Cups and save money.  This tool is needed to remove the My Kap from the K Cup after use.  Simply insert the hook end into the hole ofg the My Kap and gently pull.
My Kap Replacement Tool
Item Code:SMK27
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Todays Price: $1.99 , You Save: 50%

The Kienna Kup is the perfect solution for Keurig owners who want to enjoy a single serve coffee without spending the price for K-Cups. The Kienna Kup allows you to put coffee pods into the Keurig. Unlike the Solofil, EZ Cup, or Ekobrew, the Kienna Kup uses a coffee pod which is pre-measured in a filter. There is no mess and the pod is biodegradable. The Kienna Kup is dishwasher safe and is BPA free. Enjoy your Keurig with a coffee pod today. The pods are about half the price of K-Cups and are much more environmentally friendly.
Kienna Kup | Pod Adapter for Keurig | Brew Coffee Pod in Keurig
Item Code:KCC31
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Todays Price: $13.99 , You Save: 17%

You Can Save $2.1
Club Price: $11.89

My Solo Pad Automatic K-Cup Dispenser automatically dispenses up to 42 K-Cups. The space saving design features an EZ Glide system, making it easy to choose the K-Cup you would like to brew. The sturdy, glass top is easy to clean, and can even be turned on it's side for even more room. You can even hang it on a pantry door.
Automatic K-Cup Dispenser | My Solo Pad
Item Code:SMSP22
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Todays Price: $39.95 , You Save: 11%